Lego City Fire Utility Truck

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Lego City Fire Utility Truck, Multi Color with Free Santa's Visit

Get your fire fighting gear on, there’s a fire at the tv satellite tower. Rush to the scene in the fire utility truck to fight the flames. Climb in the cherry picker and use the special stud shooting hose to douse the flames from above. Adventure doesn’t take a break in Lego city. Includes 3 mini figures a technician, female fire fighter and a male fire fighter. Features a fire utility truck with fire hose and trailer with extending cherry picker, tv satellite tower with satellite dish and a utility box. Shoot the water elements with the stud shooting hose and knock down the fire. Accessory elements include a box containing 2 sets of smoke gear, fire extinguisher, wrench, axe, saw, hammer, mug, 3 sets of flames and 4 water studs.

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