Funskool Walk 'N Drive Truck

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Funskool Walk 'N Drive Truck

This Funskool Walk and Drive Truck is a multi-coloured truck that is extremely useful for toddlers who are just learning how to walk. Funskool has come up with many exciting baby walking toys and the Funskool Walk and Drive Truck is a recent addition to that list.

Enhances Creativity

Truck toys for kids encourage the imagination skills of your little one. This Funskool Walk and Drive truck comes with a steering wheel. The child can easily hold on to the steering wheel and learn how to walk. This toy comes with a steering shaft that is adjustable.

Colourful and Interesting

Funskool Walk and Drive truck is interesting, exciting and colourful. It will help in stimulating easy and quick learning when the toddler is enjoying playing with it. Out of the several baby walking toys designed by Funskool, this pretend toy is all about an experience of fun-filled learning by the toddler. Since it comes with a steering shaft, the front wheel can be used freely for rotation, which makes the overall movement smooth and effortless.

Ideal for Toddlers

This Funskool Walk and Drive truck is excellent for kids who are between the ages of 1 and 2 years. With these big truck toys for kids, Funskool is striving hard to initiate fun-filled learning for toddlers.

Comes with a Steering Wheel

With the help of this Funskool Walk and Drive truck toy, you can see your child zoom all over the house on his own. The steering wheel controls the two wheels that are at the front of the truck. This toy allows your child to explore the environment that surrounds him in an exciting and playful manner. This Funskool Walk and Drive truck toy requires assembly.

Safe and Quality Product

This toy is designed to be safe and durable. It does not have any sharp edges that can harm your child. This Funskool Walk and Drive truck is sturdy enough to withstand the sometimes rough play of toddlers. There are no batteries required to operate this truck toy. The dimensions of this product are 32.8 cm x 21.8 cm x 18.6 cm and it weighs about 3.6 kg.

Key Features
  • Assembly of this truck is easy
  • It comes with a flexible sheering shaft that helps the truck move up and down
  • The steering wheel can be rotated in the front
  • Aesthetically designed and created in many colours that delight children
  • Excellent for kids from 1 to 2 years of age
  • Helps your child explore the world in a fun-filled method

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