Fisher Price 4 In 1 Monkey Entertainer

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Fisher Price 4 In 1 Monkey Entertainer

4-in-1 Monkey Entertainer "Grows" with baby for lots of use! There are 4 modes, including the Entertainer mode, Feeding mode, Floor mode, Walker mode. Babies can sit down and play with the toys and the toys board can be used as table when it is removed. Can transform to a baby walker by pushing down the seat 1. Baby Play Seat - As baby grows, the seat converts to an activity floor for independent sit & play. A spinner, 2 shape buttons and a flip book with chunky pages to turn encourage fine motor skill development - and introduce baby to ABC', shapes & colours, and more! Recommended age: 3-9 months. 2. Feeding Seat - Toy tray insert easily removes.. with a clean feeding tray underneath. Recommended age: 3-9 months. 3. Stand and walk - Get up and go. When baby is ready to walk, monkey is ready to roll. Sturdy 4-wheel walker with handle helps steady steps. Recommended age: 9-36 months. 4. Sit and Play Recommended age: 6-18 months. Use as a baby play seat or feeding seat only with a child who is able to hold head up unassisted and who is not able to climb out or walk. Adult assembly required.

*Baby sitting can enjoy the sights on the desktop. Maluszek will find knob, ball - a rattle, a clicking slider, rotating starlet and a mini-booklet
*For an infant 3-9 months - we assemble the device so as to form a table feeding
*When your child begins to take his first steps - mount the wheels to the base so as to form a stable and very practical pusher.
*Pusher is quite broad, it also has wide wheels and is therefore very stable.
*Also you can turn it into a desktop education.
*When the table is no longer needed, and you will have to move it, eg. When moving a little table it is made and is at the same time very little space.
*Your child will be very comfortable to sit through siedzonku with soft backrest. The material can be washed in the washing machine.
*The maximum user weight: 11.3 kg
*The maximum height of 81 cm baby
*Age: 3 - 36 months
*Box dimensions: 57 x 51 x 20 cm

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