Silverlit Robot Series: Build-A-Robot

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Silverlit Robot Series: Build-A-Robot, Multicolor

Silverlit Robot Series: Build-A-Robot, Multicolor is a robot toy for kids that has artificial intelligence, programmable as well as sound activated IR built in it. A robot for kids can run 36 programmable action at a time. It has wonderful sound and lights effects also. This robot is suited for kids in the age group of 5 years and above.

Build Your Robot

A building robot for kids helps them to give 36 actions that they want to program in their robot. They can give any action command that they feel like as it has a sound activated IR. The artificial intelligence of the robot helps to store the 36 commands in it and follow the same whenever ordered.

Best Way for Learning and Playing

A built-a-robot toy has the quality of making learning a fun-filled activity. It can make kids think about what all commands they want to feed in the robot and execute the orders later. In the present technological trend, having a robot that follows the orders is a pride for kids. They will love to show off the robot building toy to all their friends.

Attractive and Smart

The Silverlit Robot series has attractive features and smart look. The robot looks so trendy and stylish that kids can hardly resist from owning one. Robots are now a craze for all kids and it also adds a charm to their toy collection. Robot toys for kids are one of best as they match the present trend.

Compact and Light Weight

The dimension of robot for kids is 35.2*25.8*10.8cm and weighs about 898gms. It is a compact and light weighted toy that your kid can carry to places easily. The Silverlit Robot Series: Build-A-Robot, Multicolor operates in batteries.

Sturdy and Safe

The Silverlit Robot Series: Build-A-Robot, Multicolor is made of plastic and metal. The multi-coloured toy material is tested and safe for kids. Kids love to play with their robots at all places and so the robot becomes their companion and friend too.

Key Features -
  • Silverlit Robot Series

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • 36 Programmable action

  • Sound activated and programmable IR

  • Compact and Light Weighted

  • Good quality Material

  • Attractive and smart

  • Battery Operated Toy

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