Barbie Refridgerator Large Story Starter, White

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Barbie Refridgerator Large Story Starter, White

Barbie doll is known for her signature style. Now girls can express their own signature style, choosing how they want their home to look and the stories they want to tell with a fabulous selection of furniture and accessories each sold separately girls can decorate the starter house sold separately to fit the scene they are creating. This laundry set includes a fabulous washer and dryer along with accessories needed to extend storytelling into authentic and engaging play. Barbie doll sold separately can clean her favorite fashions using this side-by-side washer or dryer with a fold-up ironing board, iron and two bottles of detergent. The pieces are designed with bright colors, modern trends and Barbie signature style. Plus, some accessories have handles that fit on Barbie doll’s hand doll sold separately for even more added realism. Girls will love arranging and rearranging these pieces to suit their stories and imaginations. Select fabulous furniture and amazing accessories from Barbie doll’s designs to suit any house-decorating style each sold separately.

  • This set includes furniture and accessories to extend storytelling into authentic and engaging play
  • The glam fridge keeps everything doll-icious and tasty pull open its double doors to reveal a pullout tray and shelves that hold the carton of eggs and two pitchers, also included
  • Furnish, decorate, arrange and rearrange for endless house-play fun

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