Intex Hi output Air pump Double Quick III 19" - 68615

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Intex Hi output Air pump Double Quick III 19" - 68615

High-output air pump - double quick iii file this under "why didn't i think of that. " this high-volume pump, designed to inflate any raft you happen upon, forces air both on the upstroke and the down so you actually get your pumping done in half the time. Not only that, just switch the hose connection and it can be used to deflate as well. Es with three different nozzle attachments so it will fit most valves as well as product information on the side of the box in 12 languages. It's not often the word "cool" comes to mind when describing a pump, but this one fits the bill.

  • The double quick iii inflation pump is a super high-output manual inflation pump that is durable, portable and easy to use
  • This big, hi-volume inflation pump includes an accordian air hose with 4 interconnecting nozzles to fit small, medium and large diameter inflation valves as well as needle valves as found on footballs, basketballs and soccer balls
  • The universal valve fittings allow this inflation pump to inflate air mattresses, pool rafts, beach balls, inflatable boats and this inflator makes a great football pump, basketball pump or soccer ball pump!
  • The intex double quik iii inflation pump stands 19" tall
  • The intex double quick iii inflation pump will inflate sports athletic balls up to 8 psi

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