Leapfrog Read with Me Scout, Multi Color

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Leapfrog Read with Me Scout, Multi Color

LeapFrog Read With Me Scout

Watch your little one light up with LeapFrog Read With Me Scout and a complete set of five colourful books! This adorable introduction to reading experience is designed by LeapFrog learning experts to inspire and entertain early readers everywhere. Read With Me Scout provides cuddly storytime experiences that help lay the foundation for a rewarding lifelong love of reading. The plush puppy pal makes reading fun with five interactive, read-aloud books narrated by Scout.

Scout responds to every pet, pat, hug, and kiss – press a button on Scout's collar to start reading, and pat his head to turn the page. Scout loves to sing, too! Switch into Sleepy Time Mode when it's time to snuggle and listen to relaxing stories and eight minutes of lullabies. Start your child's reading journey on a cuddly note with an interactive plush toy that helps children develop reading comprehension skills to get them on a path to reading.

Learning skills

Turn reading time into an exciting new experience with this engaging toy loaded with storybooks, music, lullabies, and interact-and-respond activities. Read With Me Scout is specifically designed to provide early reading curriculum, and whether you're supplementing the precious time spent reading with your child or providing a new enriching activity, it helps build a range of cognitive skills.

Each of the five storybooks is designed around a unique core curriculum covering the bases from patterns and rhyming to narrative and concept. Scout asks more than 70 questions prepared by early reading experts to encourage active engagement and build important comprehension skills. The play-based curriculum is designed to delight and entertain, and is appropriate for children aged 2 to 5 years old.

Innovative learning approach

Discoveries abound when Scout reads out loud! Read With Me Scout includes five different book genres that offer a range of ways to build early reading skills as your child is exposed to different storytelling concepts.

  • The Pattern Book, "Let's Go Camping!", includes rhymes, refrains, and repetition to encourage children to predict what comes next
  • The Narrative Book, "Let's Find Scout's Toy!", takes children through a story put together with characters, settings, and a sequence of events
  • The Concept Book, "Let's Have a Party!", explores concepts like colours to label and classify new information
  • In the Rhyming Book, "Let's Cheer Up Eli!", children learn about the sounds of language while building phonological awareness
  • The Learn-About Book, "Let's Learn About the Weather!", helps reveal our world through reading, and reinforces the concept that print carries meaning
The LeapFrog difference

Research has demonstrated that the most effective read-aloud experiences are interactive. In other words, children learn best when they are actively involved in asking and answering questions, drawing inferences, and making predictions. Read With Me Scout was specifically developed to bring this interactive experience to kids in a magical way to develop key comprehension skills. As your child reads along with Scout, more than 70 spoken questions and audio responses help build comprehension skills that will get your little one on the path to reading success.

  • Read With Me Scout is a cuddly companion that provides the perfect interactive introduction to reading
  • Scout reads from 5 included books, asks questions to engage kids and deepen comprehension
  • Features 5 interactive touch points, 70 plus comprehension questions and 5 illustrated board books
  • Teaches comprehension, early vocabulary and book and print basics
  • Ages 2-5 years

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