Chicco baby step activity walker

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Chicco baby step activity walker

Product Description


Your child is growing up fast and you love to see them sit on their own, move around or crawl. However your lap is starting to get replaced by your apartment floors and the thought of your kid scraping their knee or getting dirty may be constantly bothering you. Let this not stop your kids from enjoying themselves or moving around freely as Chicco brings baby step activity walker, which is a perfect activity toy for your little bundle of joy. The colourful walker immediately catches the attention of your kid and is designed to aid your child during their growing up years. The main structure of the baby step activity walker is built for strength and resilience. The overall design of this walker is child friendly and has an animated look. This walker is designed to help your child slowly stand up and take their first steps and it also prevents them from falling and getting injured.

This activity walker also includes carefully planned and fun games and tasks like shape recognition and it is accompanied by colourful light and sound that stimulates the senses of your kid. Fun music start to play as soon as your child starts walking along with the walker and the music stops when he halts; this action helps to develop your child’s cognitive and motor skills. Your child will surely find the Chicco baby step activity walker to be an enjoyable toy and spend hours with it. The Chicco baby step activity walker is suitable for nine month olds and above. This activity unit thus encourages an overall development of your child and is a wonderful item to cater to your child’s growing years.


From the Manufacturer


Perfect Baby Walker for Your Little One

Help your children stand up and learn to take their first steps with the Chicco baby activity walker. Featuring an attractive and colourful design, this Chicco baby walker is sure to capture the attention of your children and encourage them to walk. With the Chicco walker, you need not have to worry about accidental falls and injuries. Suitable for children above 9 months of age, this baby activity walker is a must-have walking tool for all children. The activity centre of this baby walker that includes several lights, games and fun-filled sound effects is sure to keep your little one engaged for long hours.

Completely Safe Walker for Kids

The Chicco baby step activity walker allows your baby to learn to walk with complete safety. All your little one has to do is hold the toy, stand up and begin to walk. As your baby starts walking, the Chicco activity baby walker plays a fun tune. The music stops playing as soon as your baby stops walking. This encourages your little one to take a few more steps while enjoying listening to the playful music. Designed to develop your child's motor and cognitive skills, this baby Chicco walker is perfect for your growing baby. Buy the Chicco baby activity walker to encourage your child to stand up and start learning to walk.

  • Brand: Chicco
  • Safe baby walker
  • Encourages your child to walk
  • Plays a fun tune
  • Features an engaging activity centre
  • Colourful design
  • Age: 9 months and up
  • Activity center that helps stimulate baby's imagination and coordination skills
  • Many amusing games, lights and fun sound effects
  • Helps baby to stand up and take its first steps in complete safety
  • Walker immediately starts playing an amusing melody when baby takes steps
  • Encourages baby to move a few steps more

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